Sunbleached Fine Palm Rancher Hat

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Made of 100% Fine Palm Leaf Straw that is purely organic, washable, re-shapable, and water-shedding. The best part? The pure palm leaf hats are self-conforming to the shape of your head with an #inclusive design that is unisex and universally flattering. The wide brim of the Sunbleached Rancher makes for a great sun hat to take anywhere with you on a sunny day.

Delivering on our sustainable promise, this hat is painstakingly handmade; setting it apart from factory-made hats overseas. The straw is bleached in the hot Mexican sun for months, giving it a one-of-a-kind Ivory hue.

Dimensions: 11 cm crown height and 10 cm wide brim.

Brim Style: Stiff modern brim (not floppy).

Materials: Made of 100% fine palm leaf straw.

Origin: Made in Mexico, imported in small batches.

Made By Haus of Trade