After searching & searching, nothing quite feels like you. Whether you have 10 inspo pics pinned, a vision for what you want drawn, or a professional digital design ready to go - we’re here to help.

Adorn’s Bespoke rug program will create a timeless, handwoven rug that screams YOU. One-of-a-kind (literally) made of 100% wool and woven at our women’s co-op in Morocco.

  • No middle-men.
  • Ethical.
  • Hand dyed with natural herbs.

Priding ourselves on direct trade; when we say direct, we mean it. We’ll send photos, videos, & the occasional meme every step of the way.

Down to business. Lets talk design.

Are you working with a design firm? We’re happy to accept a predesigned file.

Have a few inspo photos of what you love? We can work with that! Send us the photos & lets get something digitized.

Want us to design for you? We’re happy to help; send us colors, size, patterns you love & let us come up with something.

Keep in mind, all of these rugs are handmade and will be very close to the design but each piece is one-of-a-kind and as such each will have its own beautiful imperfections. Check out our design to install reviews to see what we mean!

Pile size, base colors, fringe/no fringe, etc.

Probably things you haven’t daydreamed about on the porch lately. Don’t sweat, we’ll walk you through it all!

Once we have all the details nailed down, we’ll turn the design over to Fadma & her team: a weaving collective of up to 50 women.

Fadma will provide her digitized weaving design and send it to us for final approval.

Dying can be the longest part of the process - accurate colors are key and this takes time. For every color that you have in your design is another few days of dying and then re-dying if the color isn’t correct.

We LOVE colorful designs so don’t let this detour you just recognize the time involved.

All of the dyes are derived from natural herbs or materials local to Morocco.

Imagine the colors of the rainbow and then multiply it times 100 - these are the color possibilities in store!

One knot, two knot, three knot… and then on the 10,000th knot and we’re getting closer. The women are fast - like imagine tying your shoes at 20 mph. Yeah… that fast.

The wool is dyed, the pattern finalized, let the weaving begin!

We keep you informed and updated every step of the way with progress photos and videos. Thorough communication is everything to us so if you ever have questions feel free to call or email us anytime! We tailor the custom experience by working directly with you.

If anything doesn’t look to your liking we’ll press the pause button & restart. Each photo will be a chance to vet the pattern.

The rug is finished! We’ll air freight it via FedEx or UPS. This usually takes 4-8 business days once shipped.

If you’re local to Steamboat we’ll deliver in person! Otherwise you’ll clear your furniture, clean the floor, & unroll your beautifully crafted Bespoke Rug!

Give it a quick vacuum to remove any loose fibers & fluff the wool.

You live in your house - we get it! Life is messy and you might spill from time to time. This is okay! Wool is anti-microbial which naturally makes it smell & stain resistant.

Our tips:

  • Vacuum it often
  • Use a rug pad
  • Spot clean with warm water & mild soap - use castille soap, highly diluted
  • Rotate your rug in order to avoid sun-fading
  • Professionally Clean 1x/year
  • located in rural morocco + started by a female moroccan activist.
  • made by women. owned by women. designed by you.
  • lead time is dependent on the size, coloring, and customization of the design
  • when design is finalized; the rug will take approximately 10-12 weeks
  • cost of rug is dependent on the design, size, and complexity of details



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