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Incredibly gifted in making relationships, Kendra’s involvement in Adorn is essential to the heart of what we do. She connects us with people and businesses around the world to help create sustainable business solutions for those who have been displaced and are seeking to build new lives outside their native country.

Kendra helped found Building Leaders for Peace in 2016 with a vision to help create a peaceful future by partnering with and equipping young people in conflict regions around the world.

They seek to initiate a movement of people who recognize their shared humanity regardless of age, race, or religion, who are developing a lifestyle of peace, and are committed to being peace leaders in their communities.

BL4P has allowed Adorn to work with marginalized individuals to create opportunities for reliable work and design custom handmade products. All of Adorn’s products are produced for livable wages and 10% of all profits go back to the organizations and individuals, on top of the prices paid for the products.


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