Ramybė Sweater

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The Ramybė knit is everything you need for slow weekends taking it easy. A fluffy, fuzzy oversized sweater with prolonged sleeves and ribbed cuffs, its made from undyed Alpaca wool and is one of the coziest knits yet.

For this knit, they use limited edition, 100% natural yarn sourced from social farms in Peru, which has Peru Fair Trade Certification, with no micro-plastics and no harmful or irritant chemicals used. In fact, the yarn is spun from non-dyed alpaca wool and comes in natural alpaca shades. How cool is that? 

At THE KNOTTY ONES, they believe in a close-knit sisterhood. They employ female artisans in rural Lithuania to produce our knits, giving them a living wage, financial independence and a voice in their households and communities. They also take sustainability pretty seriously. They are a female-founded partner factories as well as individually hired artists.

100% Alpaca wool. Cruelty free, un-dyed. 

Dry clean. Store folded.