Shiloh x Binah Stretchy Bracelet

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Shiloh x Binah Stretchy Bracelet is the duo we have all been waiting for. With jade and gold filled beads this bracelet is a simple beauty. Coming in two different colors and sizes to fit you perfectly.
Jade; known as the jewel of heaven; every woman is beautifully set apart. She is Shiloh.
Gold; precious, rare, & weighty. She is Binah.
Margalit; a handmade collection of gold, semi precious stones, & freshwater pearl jewelry. Designed to accentuate the rare beauty in the wearer.
  • Size Small = 6.25"
  • Size Large = 6.75"
  • Pink Jade Beads
  • Jasper Jade Beads
  • Designed and handmade at Adorn's storefront in Steamboat Springs, CO