Introducing Kendra

Introducing Kendra

Hello Friends! My name is Kendra DeMicco-Lovins, and I am so excited to be working with the Adorn Co. to produce the Overflow blog! This is a space where we capture stories of how your purchases at Adorn bless the world. 

The Overflow is a practice we have at the Adorn Co., motivated by our love for Jesus, where we set aside 10% of every purchase to give to people or organizations who are caring for underserved communities. Through our global network of artists and makers, we hear so many beautiful stories of human resilience and God’s faithfulness in the midst of chaos and violence. We also see the many needs that arise as a result of being involuntarily displaced due to poverty and war.  The Overflow exists to meet some of these needs, and to bless the communities we are privileged to be in contact with. 

Over the past 7 years, I’ve been active in ministry, working in peacemaking and reconciliation initiatives in the Middle East, South America and North America. My work primarily focuses on facilitating peace & reconciliation gatherings as well as coming alongside young leaders to support, equip, and build capacity to make holistic change in their local communities.Throughout my time in this field, I’ve been  privileged to meet so many courageous and compassionate leaders who are deeply committed to reconciliation and community transformation. Many of the makers and artists who create the beautiful goods at Adorn have been connected through this community of peace and change makers. 

I have a heart for holistic change and grass-roots community development, and it’s a privilege to work with The Adorn Co. Adorn embodies a tangible expression of God’s heart for empowering people, relational integrity and conscientious living-- I’m honored to get to connect with the Adorn community to capture the stories and share them with you! Follow along to see how your purchases have immense purpose, friends.



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