Naomi House

Naomi House

Naomi House is a nonprofit serving refugee women in Luang Neua, an unreached district of Chiang Mai, Thailand. When Naomi House was founded they starting sewing with women and called the business Freedom Trades. Today Freedom Trades now employs 10 women in textile production.

Naomi House’s partnership with Adorn allows Adorn to offer handmade sew leather, linen, & other textile goods. The women who come to Naomi House are escaping abuse, trafficking, and prison. Their job through Naomi House and Adorn provide an opportunity for financial, emotional, and physical stability through the love of Jesus.

Check the tag of your product to see the signature of the women!

Strategically situated for outreach, Naomi House ministers through various small business ventures such as a bakery, hair salon, and textiles production, as well as through children’s outreach, English classes and relational evangelism. 

Purchase a pillow, leather good, or linen good to support these women directly!