Code of Conduct + Our Ethos Series: No Wasted Resources

Code of Conduct + Our Ethos Series: No Wasted Resources

“We can’t just consume our way to a more sustainable world.” —Jennifer Nini


At the Adorn Co. we value environmental sustainability. We strive to ensure that all resources are being sourced thoughtfully + used intentionally such that waste is mitigated. 

 One thing we say at Adorn, is that we want to be and invite our customers to be ‘contributors, not consumers.’ When considering a new product design, we ask ourselves how we can create something that yields a contribution to the community in which is was made. 

We take care to try to use all the materials that we begin with. A few examples of products + makers that recycle materials or use the remaining bits & bobs of materials include:

  • Our beautiful  “Rewoven” bags; clutches that are created out of thrifted fabric 
  • Our Naomi House scrunchies— made from the left over fabrics from our pillows, napkins & aprons 
  • Our Olive wood coasters, made from the smaller branches of the olive wood trees 

We want to be thoughtful about our environmental impact + invite our customer community to make purchases that contribute something back to our world.


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