Code of Conduct + Our Ethos Series: Community Care

Code of Conduct + Our Ethos Series: Community Care

At Adorn, we seek to combat the rising trend toward exploitation of people and natural resources by taking a holistic approach to our partnerships and processes. We believe in caring for the whole person and for the community in which they live. This value applies to all who work with us, both stateside & abroad. For all who are involved with Adorn, we want to ensure that we are caring for emotional, physical, and financial needs, as well as supporting opportunities for thriving for employees & makers and their families. 

This takes expression in a number of ways, but here are a few small ways we seek to care for the whole person through caring for the community in which they live. 

  • When Covid hit the Naomi House, all of the women were affected. They needed to stop production for about a month to isolate and recover. During that time, Adorn continued to pay the women, and cover a portion of the medical costs of the women and their families. 
  • Locally, here in Steamboat during the holiday season The Adorn Co. collaborates with non-profits in town to do “We Give Wednesdays,” where 10 % of sales from the day goes to supporting local nonprofit organizations doing great work within the community.  
  • For all of our local employees, we want to ensure that we are supporting them in their life outside of work to pursue their dreams and goals. One of the ways that we seek to do this is by giving shop employees unlimited PTO. 

With all who we work with, we want to support the whole person and engage with the communities in which they (and we!) live. 


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