The Rising Tide

The Rising Tide

Last week I started thinking about Christmas shopping, which for me, is unusual. Typically, this thought-process begins right around December 21, when I realize Christmas is three days away and this activates a mad dash to ensure that everyone gets something they will love. This usually looks like frantically running around town or scouring the internet for gifts and paying triple for expedited shipping. Not only is this whirlwind process incredibly stressful, but in my haste, I end up being thoughtless about where I am purchasing from and what my consumption is supporting. 

Often, massive retailers are engaging in exploitative practices that take advantage of vulnerable people and that thoughtlessly devour natural resources. Where we choose to purchase our goods matters immensely, and learning how to be intentional in our consumption is a necessity for the betterment and thriving of our world and community. 

At Adorn, we are committed to helping our community make the most out of their holiday shopping, multiplying the impact of each dollar both locally and globally. 

Throughout the months of November and December we are implementing “We Give Wednesday,” a collaborative community effort where 10% of your purchase will go directly to a local nonprofit. Our heart is to embody a phrase first coined by John F. Kennedy, “The rising tide lifts all boats.”

"We Give Wednesday" community shop days schedule: 

November 17: Oneby1 

December 1: Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club 

December 8: Come As You Are

December 15: Rocky Mountain Youth Corps

A few guiding principles for us:

  • Support Local! Adorn is locally owned and operated-- your purchase contributes to our local economy, as well as ensures a livelihood for our owner and employees. 
  • “Trade Not Aid” is a phrase we anchor ourselves in when working with our makers coming out of vulnerable situations and communities. All of our products are thoughtfully sourced to maximize the quality of life and aimed at providing a sustainable income for those who need it. Your dollars spent at Adorn directly benefit these dear ones who are rebuilding their lives. 
  • Ethical vs. Exploitative practices. We are committed to ensuring that human beings and natural resources are not exploited.  When you purchase from Adorn, you can be sure that great effort has been made to ensure that everyone is being treated equitably. 
  • #weshopwednesday! If you come on any of the dates mentioned above, 10% of your purchase will be given back to our local community through these nonprofits!


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