Looking Toward The Future with Joy

Looking Toward The Future with Joy

At Adorn, it's our joy to reinvest 10% of all sales into organizations and partners who are doing amazing work both locally and around the world. This month, we had the privilege of supporting an amazing local ministry: Come As You Are (CAYA). CAYA is a free 12- month residential treatment program for women who are in the process of overcoming addiction. CAYA is a unique expression of discipleship, offering Christ-centered and family-oriented holistic recovery. 

CAYA is a safe place for women who have “come to a place of true brokenness and are ready to surrender their lives to becoming new in Jesus Christ” providing support, spiritual formation, and treatment providing an environment for women to heal and flourish.

A story from the CAYA House: Erica Davis 

"As I approach the last day of my 1 year stay in CAYA and reflect back on the changes I have made, I remember how I came in; lost, broken, a shadow of a person, tormented by my past sins. Today by the grace of God I am set free, at peace and redeemed. I am not the same person that walked through the front door of the CAYA house, just 1 short year ago. No words can begin to describe the gratitude I have for this program, it saved my life. I can honestly say I now look forward with joy to my future. I pray I will be the light in someone else's darkness, that I can share the same freedom that was given to me through Jesus Christ." 

We love to see the beautiful ways that God is moving right here in the Yampa Valley, and it’s our honor to partner with you to support ministries like CAYA through your purchases and the overflow! 


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