• The Medium is the Message

    The Medium is the Message
    Marshall McLuhan, Canadian Communication Theorist, once said, “The medium is the Message.” Throughout my time with the Adorn Co., this phrase always pops into my mind. We know that how we operate communicates what we believe. This is true for all of us in our own lives, but it’s something we are sincerely conscious of at The Adorn Co. We want to ensure that our values are present in the process of how we do business at every level. 
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  • Introducing Kendra

    Introducing Kendra
    Hello Friends! My name is Kendra DeMicco-Lovins, and I am so excited to be working with the Adorn Co. to produce the Overflow blog! This is a space where we capture stories of how your purchases at Adorn bless the world. 
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  • Welcome to The Overflow

    Welcome to The Overflow

    As followers of Jesus, we are called to practice this generous style of living through setting aside a portion of what we have to give. Out of this truth,The Overflow was born. 

    The Overflow is 10% of proceeds from every purchase at Adorn that we give to people and causes that are making the world a better, more whole, and beautiful place.  

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