• Ubuntu & The Leaky Bucket

    Ubuntu & The Leaky Bucket
    In the world of online purchasing platforms and big box stores, it's easy to choose convenience & cost when considering where to make our purchases. But, what would it look like if we could begin to think intentionally about how our purchasing power can be funneled back into our local community where possible? If our well-being is dependent on our neighbors and theirs is dependent on us, how does that change the way we care for each other? And how can we apply this lens to how we leverage our purchases for the good of our neighbors and our community? 
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  • Creating Spaces of Love + Belonging: ROWAN

    Creating Spaces of Love + Belonging: ROWAN

    This month at Adorn, our customers – our community of contributors– have the privilege of supporting Kelsey Hargadine and her nonprofit called ROWAN. 

    ROWAN stands for Rural Orphans and Widows AIDs Network, a faith-based nonprofit serving orphans and widows affected by HIV/AIDS in eastern Uganda.

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  • Looking Toward The Future with Joy

    Looking Toward The Future with Joy
    At Adorn, it's our joy to reinvest 10% of all sales into organizations and partners who are doing amazing work both locally and around the world. This month, we had the privilege of supporting an amazing local ministry: Come As You Are (CAYA). CAYA is a free 12- month residential treatment program for women who are in the process of overcoming addiction. CAYA is a unique expression of discipleship, offering Christ-centered and family-oriented holistic recovery. 
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  • Always Forward. Always Serving

    Always Forward. Always Serving
    This month at Adorn, we started our first ever “We Give Wednesday” series where we partner with local & global nonprofits we believe in to give 10% of all sales on the feature day to support their unique mission. Our first #wegivewednesday featured Oneby1 & Africa International School in Cameroon. 
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  • The Rising Tide

    The Rising Tide
    Throughout the months of November and December we are implementing “We Give Wednesday,” a collaborative community effort where 10% of your purchase will go directly to a local nonprofit. Our heart is to embody a phrase first coined by John F. Kennedy, “The rising tide lifts all boats.”
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