• Welcome to The Overflow

    Welcome to The Overflow

    “All are welcome at the table” 

    In 2019, when the dream for The Adorn Co. was forming, we felt the Holy Spirit speak this phrase as a guiding principle. 

    The heart of God is generous. When He initiates an idea, we can be sure that the blessings are going to flow in every direction. In the case of Adorn, our heart is to embody His generosity at every level of operation: for the makers, for the customer, for the employees, for the founders, and for all who engage with this unfolding story, pointing to God’s abundance and generosity. 

    As followers of Jesus, we are called to practice this generous style of living through setting aside a portion of what we have to give. Out of this truth,The Overflow was born. 

    The Overflow is 10% of proceeds from every purchase at Adorn that we give to people and causes that are making the world a better, more whole, and beautiful place.   

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