Meet the Makers

  • Hasan

    All of our pottery is made by Hasan and his team in Turkey. This partnership is one of the nearest missions to our heart - to see refugees feel a sense of community, receive a livable wage, and find joy in their work!
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  • Hannah

    Hannah is the creator of all Adorn's polymer clay jewelry. Each month she and our owner Lilly collaborate to design and create a unique collection of clay jewelry with limited quantities.
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  • Naomi House

    Naomi House
    Naomi House is a nonprofit organization in Chiang Mai, Thailand helping refugee women by providing jobs through Adorn and a safe place to live. They produce all of Adorn's leather goods, pillows, linen goods, and other various textiles.
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  • Adonai Coffee Collective

    Adonai Coffee Collective
    Adonai Coffee Collective is a direct trade coffee brand underneath Adorn. Currently we solely partner with the village of Galana in Honduras to source green beans from a very small family run farm - this is their story.
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  • The Olive Wood Project

    The Olive Wood Project
    The Olive Wood Project facilitates reconciliation through work in Iznik, Turkey. The Olive Wood Project offers reliable and safe employment to Turkish locals and Syrian refugees. They are the creators of all Adorn's wooden kitchenware, tables, and olive wood decor.
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